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306 North Street

Richmond, Ky 40475


Straight From Texas


You may not be a Texan but we'll have you eating like one.

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Thanks for stopping by to check us out! Straight From Texas Bar-B-Que was conceived in The Great State and born here in Ky from our love of sharing great bar-b-que. Our exclusive wood only smoking process and hand mixed rubs produce a taste and texture that is uniquely Texan. We do it right...which means our meats smoke 15-18 hours until they are fall apart tender and we make our sides fresh daily. So when you're ready to break away from the chains and enjoy an authentic Texas experience...stop by our little shop. We are located in downtown Richmond, Ky. Just turn at light #2 and follow the smoke. We look forward to sharing our taste of Texas with you. Ya'll come and see us!!

We have added Alamo Ice and Sweet Shop!!!!!!

Come in and try our Shave Ice, Frozen Lemonades, Smoothies, Blended Coffee​s, Milk Shakes and more along with your mouth watering Bar-B-Que!!